•Was born in paris. He began studying classical music and discovered photography on his own.Assistant and then photographer for harcourt studios in the mid-80’,he beagn working at the same time for the twelve years,he undertook fashion and beauty photography and advertising. He was made campaigns for rech and L’OREAL. In 1999,he carried out a personal exposition entitled:”parcours 23”.Photographer of numerous  personalities:Jeamme Moreau,Lauren Bacall,David Gignola.Bashung.

•出生于在巴黎。他自学古典音乐和摄影。80年代中期在哈考特工作室担任摄影师,同时他担任了时尚和美容和广告摄影十二年之久。他成就了rech和欧莱雅。1999年完成了个人展览,题为:“多样化23” 。 为 许多名人拍摄照片例如:jeamme莫罗,劳伦巴考尔,戴维,巴颂。